Saturday, January 24, 2015

Into the Woods..

Off the grid, for a 3 week period during a housesit I love. Wow! I think I need to do this more often. This housesit takes place in a very sacred area of Kauai. Of course, all of Kauai is spiritual. It's just that one can feel that loveliness in one area more than others.

This house sits at the base of the Hoary Head mountain range. It is beautiful and powerful stuff. Since I was onlineless, I felt more stillness and could sit in meditation longer than usual. You could say, I felt in a meditative state most of the time. Even my pet pal, Tork the terrier mix, was there in the garden in a blissful manner. I called him my 'Garden Buddha'. The homeowners loved that!

As I go into the deep dark woods, I will call it, the story unfolds one night. A man's voice says 'Hello' to me. My eyes popped opened from my sleep. What did I just hear?? Feeling shocked and afraid, I assessed the situation. The man's voice was deep and clear as a bell. Sounding as if the man was in the room with me. Gulp:/ Intimate you could say. The voice also sounded like someone just outside my window.

I knew I had closed and locked all windows and doors earlier. Tork was resting peacefully on the floor next to my bed. If there was someone in my room, Tork would have let me know that. Since I know, dogs run on energy, I felt more at ease I relaxed knowing whatever was in my room, was a friendly presense. I still hadn't looked up from my frozen spot. Finally, not feeling threatened, I fell back asleep.

I decided to wait before asking the owners anything about any spirits lurking in the woods until after they returned from the Sacred Valley in Peru. As I explored the area, I discovered an old Japanese cemetary behind their home next to an orchard. Oh, well, it's starting to make sense. When I told the homeowners of my experience, they said yes, there are spirits in the area. The Hawaiians used to come down from the mountains and cross right through this area. There are other stories of the Night Marchers, which have to do with Hawaiian legend or not. The bedroom in particular, has stories attached to it as well.

Would I ever house sit there again? In a heartbeat, yes, I would. This is my third time house sitting there and all was well until now. I look forward to more experiences as this. Some folks tell me since I am more aware at this time in my life and I didn't have the internet to bog things up, I was open to receiving all experiences. The spirit felt safe to say hello. Kinda cool if you ask me.

What are your house sitting spooky stories?  Please share.

Establishing trust and lessen the homeowners's concerns..7 ways

For any relationship, trust is of the utmost importance. It is no different in the house sitter/homeowner bond that must be established. The trust goes both ways.

Here I list 7 ways for the house sitter to establish the bond and trust needed to land the house sit:

1. Have plenty of local references and phone numbers of satisfied house sit clients.

2. Be friendly and show enthusiasm for what you do.

3. Show love for their pets (this is the main reason for having you there).

4. Fully complete the home checklist and pet questionnaire.

5. Arrive at the home interview presentable, prepared, prompt, and professional.

6. Decide how you'll communicate to the homeowners while they're gone.

7. Provide your personal and emergency contact information.

Dive deeper into this topic via THE MERMAID'S GUIDE TO HOUSE SITTING.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things can happen

Most house sits go quite smoothly, but once in a while something goes wrong. So you need to be ready to deal with any unforseen problems.

When I arrived at the house sit for my previous landlord I unlocked the door with the key he had given me, and squeezed myself into the home as there were large paintings leaning up against the door. Taking care not to knock the paintings over, I was instantly attacked by a huge swarm of mosquitos (remember - I live in Hawaii and his house was in a jungle environment). After careful inspection, I discovered they had been breeding in toilet water that hadn't been flushed for two weeks. It was horrid!

Once I got that situation under control, it was time to clean the house my way as it was "bachelor clean". I must admit that once it was scrubbed, dusted and tidied, the house looked beautiful. After the homeowner got home he told me the house never looked cleaner, and I had made him very happy.

Now some may see this situation as grounds for excusing yourself from the commitment you made to the homeowner. I try to see the situation as it is and how can I best cope with what has been presented to me. This was a learning experience, so one of my services now is flushing all toilets every few days.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prior to the house sitters arrival..

Prior to my arrival for the actual house sitting gig, the homeowner and I will have established that I'll arrive at least 30-45 minutes before they leave. I'll text or call to confirm I'm on my way, as it eases the homeowner's mind that they won't be delayed in leaving for their trip.

I like to transition the pets from their owners to me, and to receive last minute details, the appropriate keys, and my fee (again, this has been established in the Client Agreement that I get all or a portion of the fee upfront). If I didn't give them a business card during the walk-through, I make sure they have one that contains my contact information and any emergency contacts.

If for some reason I'm not able to be there prior to their departure (i.e., I may be ending a house sit and coming directly into this one), I'm there as soon as possible. The homeowner and I have previously discussed the location of keys, any last minute details or changes and my fee is left on the kitchen counter.

This information is assuming this is a house sit in your neck of the woods. For international house sitting, the approximate arrival time is 2 days prior.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter Feel "At Home"

Not all the onus falls on the shoulders of the house sitter, as the homeowner needs to take responsibility for the safety, security, and comfort of their house sitter. A happy sitter means the house will be taken care of, the pets will be adored, and they will want to return for future gigs.

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter feel "At Home"

1. Make sure the house is clean and ready for the sitter's stay.

2. Provide a comfortable sleeping accommodation.

3. Wi-Fi connection is great for those sitters who work online.

4. A list of markets, restaurants, parks, events, etc., in the area.

5. Permisson to use the kitchen and its gadgets at will (let them know
if there are boundaries, such as what food to eat in the fridge, freezer,
and pantry).

6. The simple words of "make yourself at home" makes all the
difference, as the house sitter will feel trusted and respected.

The sitter homeowner relationship is like any other relationship. A mutual trust needs to be in place. Beautiful and meaningful friendships are made on trust alone.

"Feel at Home" you said and that's not a priviledge I would misuse.

Friday, October 17, 2014

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before I discovered House Sitting

Before I discovered house sitting, I began transforming a life that wasn't serving me. I set the intention asking for a complete change in my life beyond my wildest imagination. I wrote in my journal exactly what it was I wanted in my life then closed the journal. When I told a friend I just wanted to 'be', she said it sounded like I wanted to die. She didn't understand and that's okay. I didn't really understand it myself.

I began selling all my stuff and dividing cherished items between my three daughters. They wanted me to get a storage. Noooo! I just didn't want it anymore or have to pay money for it. Besides, it was nothing I couldn't replace later on. My kids were wondering and worried about mom. The word 'intervention' came up. I gave notice on my apartment, without a thought to where I was going next and the cool thing was I wasn't worried or afraid. I just kept going.

As I look back, I believe that once I sold my stuff that was holding me back and keeping me down, and trusted I would be okay, my world began to be supported. My neighbour asked if I wanted to stay in her home for the three weeks she traveled to the Phillipines. Seriously! Okay! We both thought it would it would give me a chance to consider my next move. So I moved my few boxes I had left next door to her house.

During the three weeks, something wonderful happened. I realized how much I enjoyed caring for her home, watering her plants and just knowing I was being trusted to watch over things while she was gone. She didn't have any pets. I thought to myself, "this must be what house sitting is all about." I began to google 'house sitting' and discovered a whole community of house sitters traveling around the world taking care of people's pets and home. I was free to create, relax, wonder, and dream about my life. I get this same feeling everytime I house sit now.

I began studying a new conscious way of living 2 years before this. I pulled out my journal (this photo is the actual journal entry) and was so tickled to realize I created and manifested everything up to that point. Everything on my bucket list were things I could accomplish through house sitting.
I studied profiles from some of the house sitting websites and designed a Craigslist ad promoting myself as an island house sitter. I would start small and branch out internationally once I got some experience. I was thinking 6 months and I would be ready.

As it has happened, it's been three years now and it's been flowing with back to back house sitting on Kauai. I am in love with it still. Now I'm ready to explore the world. That's my story but I have heard the same story many times over.

Oh, by the kids think it is awesome and cool and they are proud of me. I am sure there is a lesson for them in there.

At the end of the path, there is a dusty, old road to the left. Take it everytime!