Saturday, December 14, 2013

Well, It's Confirmed! I'm a Mermaid Princess

My house sits always amaze me.  Each one is different but equaling satisfying.  This house sit really is a Castle Beach House one block from the ocean.  I can watch the early Sunrises as I make my morning coffee.  The popular walk/bike path is nestled up against the sweet picket fence so plenty of motivation to get out and join the other fitness minded folks.  I have access to a bike so everyday, I hop onto my bike and ride along the coast.  Today, there was a monk seal peacefully resting on the sand.

Isn't it lucky for me, I not only have another house sit of my dreams but also the company of two fabulous dogs and a talkative African Gray Parrot?   My dogs, Tucson and Toto are avid walkers and love the path as much as I do.  As the sun sets and the kite boarders are gliding by,  l enjoy my nourishing dinner of cajun grilled ahi (fresh tuna) over grilled veggies.  It has been a warm and perfect day.  Such is my life.