The Book.

I am the author of the upcoming book about professional house sitting. I have so much inside information that will be very helpful to novice house sitters, pet sitters, homeowners, people in life transition, and anyone wanting to add a little freedom in their lives and extra cash in their pockets. I will keep you informed of the timeline as I 'baby step' my journey as an author.

I am at the converting stage at this time. I have written the book, had it edited and proofed by a professional (very important), and my book cover is finished, also by a professional. The conversion is the formatting of my edited words to an electronic form, for online distribution If you are new to writing and publishing a book, the entire process can be very daunting. You really need to possess the lovely virtue of patience to go down this road. My famous last words, "I'm not giving up".

Smashwords has a list of authors who have gone through the entire conversion process several times over, and knowing what it takes to get through it, have very graciously offerered to help others like you and me. Very painlessly, I chose someone from the list and within a 10 day span, she had completed my request with a conversion for both Smashwords and Amazon. And was I happy to have her! I will give you a resource list for the talented people who helped get through this without too much stress.

This next stage of uploading the formats to their selling platforms, I felt, was completely up to me.. with a few questions put to my resource people, on the way. Everyone really was wonderful about offering to help in any way where I might get stuck. They all wanted to see succeed in my quest and I am so grateful. I heard that it didn't take very long to upload but oh, really! There are many steps once you get going. They say once you do it, you've done it and the next time will be a whole lot easier.

On Januarty 27, 2014, The Mermaid's Guide to House Sitting, was up and running on Amazon. What a feat! I can pat myself on the back and believe me, I will be having many celebratorial moments. Partay!

The journey is not over yet. There's still the promoting of my little guide.