Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things can happen

Most house sits go quite smoothly, but once in a while something goes wrong. So you need to be ready to deal with any unforseen problems.

When I arrived at the house sit for my previous landlord I unlocked the door with the key he had given me, and squeezed myself into the home as there were large paintings leaning up against the door. Taking care not to knock the paintings over, I was instantly attacked by a huge swarm of mosquitos (remember - I live in Hawaii and his house was in a jungle environment). After careful inspection, I discovered they had been breeding in toilet water that hadn't been flushed for two weeks. It was horrid!

Once I got that situation under control, it was time to clean the house my way as it was "bachelor clean". I must admit that once it was scrubbed, dusted and tidied, the house looked beautiful. After the homeowner got home he told me the house never looked cleaner, and I had made him very happy.

Now some may see this situation as grounds for excusing yourself from the commitment you made to the homeowner. I try to see the situation as it is and how can I best cope with what has been presented to me. This was a learning experience, so one of my services now is flushing all toilets every few days.