Saturday, November 22, 2014

Things can happen

Most house sits go quite smoothly, but once in a while something goes wrong. So you need to be ready to deal with any unforseen problems.

When I arrived at the house sit for my previous landlord I unlocked the door with the key he had given me, and squeezed myself into the home as there were large paintings leaning up against the door. Taking care not to knock the paintings over, I was instantly attacked by a huge swarm of mosquitos (remember - I live in Hawaii and his house was in a jungle environment). After careful inspection, I discovered they had been breeding in toilet water that hadn't been flushed for two weeks. It was horrid!

Once I got that situation under control, it was time to clean the house my way as it was "bachelor clean". I must admit that once it was scrubbed, dusted and tidied, the house looked beautiful. After the homeowner got home he told me the house never looked cleaner, and I had made him very happy.

Now some may see this situation as grounds for excusing yourself from the commitment you made to the homeowner. I try to see the situation as it is and how can I best cope with what has been presented to me. This was a learning experience, so one of my services now is flushing all toilets every few days.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prior to the house sitters arrival..

Prior to my arrival for the actual house sitting gig, the homeowner and I will have established that I'll arrive at least 30-45 minutes before they leave. I'll text or call to confirm I'm on my way, as it eases the homeowner's mind that they won't be delayed in leaving for their trip.

I like to transition the pets from their owners to me, and to receive last minute details, the appropriate keys, and my fee (again, this has been established in the Client Agreement that I get all or a portion of the fee upfront). If I didn't give them a business card during the walk-through, I make sure they have one that contains my contact information and any emergency contacts.

If for some reason I'm not able to be there prior to their departure (i.e., I may be ending a house sit and coming directly into this one), I'm there as soon as possible. The homeowner and I have previously discussed the location of keys, any last minute details or changes and my fee is left on the kitchen counter.

This information is assuming this is a house sit in your neck of the woods. For international house sitting, the approximate arrival time is 2 days prior.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter Feel "At Home"

Not all the onus falls on the shoulders of the house sitter, as the homeowner needs to take responsibility for the safety, security, and comfort of their house sitter. A happy sitter means the house will be taken care of, the pets will be adored, and they will want to return for future gigs.

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter feel "At Home"

1. Make sure the house is clean and ready for the sitter's stay.

2. Provide a comfortable sleeping accommodation.

3. Wi-Fi connection is great for those sitters who work online.

4. A list of markets, restaurants, parks, events, etc., in the area.

5. Permisson to use the kitchen and its gadgets at will (let them know
if there are boundaries, such as what food to eat in the fridge, freezer,
and pantry).

6. The simple words of "make yourself at home" makes all the
difference, as the house sitter will feel trusted and respected.

The sitter homeowner relationship is like any other relationship. A mutual trust needs to be in place. Beautiful and meaningful friendships are made on trust alone.

"Feel at Home" you said and that's not a priviledge I would misuse.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Get in on the house sitting trend..the Mermaid's Guide is available for you!

If you didn't get a chance to grab THE MERMAID'S GUIDE TO HOUSE SITTING as yet, now's your chance.

ON SALE NOW for the next 4 days. October 18 - 21 It's easy! Just click on the book cover or head to Amazon and thanks beforehand for purchasing. If you enjoy reading the book, that would be awesome if you would leave a review on Amazon, letting other readers know it is worthy. I would love to know your feedback for further reference. Thank you.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before I discovered House Sitting

Before I discovered house sitting, I began transforming a life that wasn't serving me. I set the intention asking for a complete change in my life beyond my wildest imagination. I wrote in my journal exactly what it was I wanted in my life then closed the journal. When I told a friend I just wanted to 'be', she said it sounded like I wanted to die. She didn't understand and that's okay. I didn't really understand it myself.

I began selling all my stuff and dividing cherished items between my three daughters. They wanted me to get a storage. Noooo! I just didn't want it anymore or have to pay money for it. Besides, it was nothing I couldn't replace later on. My kids were wondering and worried about mom. The word 'intervention' came up. I gave notice on my apartment, without a thought to where I was going next and the cool thing was I wasn't worried or afraid. I just kept going.

As I look back, I believe that once I sold my stuff that was holding me back and keeping me down, and trusted I would be okay, my world began to be supported. My neighbour asked if I wanted to stay in her home for the three weeks she traveled to the Phillipines. Seriously! Okay! We both thought it would it would give me a chance to consider my next move. So I moved my few boxes I had left next door to her house.

During the three weeks, something wonderful happened. I realized how much I enjoyed caring for her home, watering her plants and just knowing I was being trusted to watch over things while she was gone. She didn't have any pets. I thought to myself, "this must be what house sitting is all about." I began to google 'house sitting' and discovered a whole community of house sitters traveling around the world taking care of people's pets and home. I was free to create, relax, wonder, and dream about my life. I get this same feeling everytime I house sit now.

I began studying a new conscious way of living 2 years before this. I pulled out my journal (this photo is the actual journal entry) and was so tickled to realize I created and manifested everything up to that point. Everything on my bucket list were things I could accomplish through house sitting.
I studied profiles from some of the house sitting websites and designed a Craigslist ad promoting myself as an island house sitter. I would start small and branch out internationally once I got some experience. I was thinking 6 months and I would be ready.

As it has happened, it's been three years now and it's been flowing with back to back house sitting on Kauai. I am in love with it still. Now I'm ready to explore the world. That's my story but I have heard the same story many times over.

Oh, by the kids think it is awesome and cool and they are proud of me. I am sure there is a lesson for them in there.

At the end of the path, there is a dusty, old road to the left. Take it everytime!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Room with a View

I'm now calling my housesits, Playcations! Because really it's like going to a retreat or to a spa. It could be for a short stint, two weeks or a month long sit. I just know I always look forward to my time away even if it is in my own neck of the woods. You wouldn't believe some of the pads I am basking in.

I feel so lucky and grateful for this time in my life. It is not all play with me. When I'm house sitting, it is my job and I take it very seriously. I have responsibilities, such as pet care, watering gardens (just discovered the delicious gardenias), caretaking the house and landscaping, and acting as watch dog. Sometimes it's less work if it is a large property. Pool guys, yard guys, pond guys, are all on schedule during my stay. Mainly it's the pets safety homeowners are most concerned with.

So back to the glorious playcation I'm tending now. This photo is the view from my room. When you wake up to this, it literally sets the intent for the day. I love love working out and it is something I do almost everyday. There is a full on gym here. I also swim everyday in the ocean. There is a salt water pool. I meditate and play in nature everyday. I have two acres of pure nature, lots of big trees, with ocean and mountain views. Two big labs (my play pals), a lovey kitty, and 4 laying hens are keeping me company. When I say a retreat, I just have no reason to leave. Maybe for food like I did today. So I will love on the animals and enjoy my time(homeowner's words), do my best work and expect nothing less of my next playcation. Aloha and Expect the Best from your life. Thank you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

We want YOU to be our House Sitter!

I got the call on my drive home. I was house sitting 10 minutes from the house sit interview location so it took less than that for the homeowners to decide they wanted me to be their house sitter.

During the housesit home interview, the homeowners more than once, said they were impressed at how detailed, organized and prepared I was. Previous house sitters had never pulled out the packet of forms and questionnaires, they said. I explained why this is necessary for me to be the best house sitter for them. I need to know all of the details. Mind you, the forms and questionnaires I have are in a very simplified form. I do not like things complicated.

They also said they were interviewing more than one house sitter but didn't bring it up until the end of the interview. I always know that's a possibility. I'm hearing it more than not. House sitting is gaining popularity and becoming somewhat competitive. You are competing against house sitters who do not want or care to be paid for their services. Knowing this information, you really have to bring your talents and skills forward and be different from everyone else.

After going through some of the forms with the homeowners, I pulled out an envelope full of referral letters. I was quiet and just let them read. Again, they were happy. At this point you are answering their questions before they even ask.

The house sit was not planned for another 3 months. When this happens, you ask for a deposit to hold their spot. The homeowners asked when I needed to know their answer. I had just gotten another call for that same time period and I was supposed to call the gal back if this house sit didn't work out so 'as soon as they knew,' was my answer. I ask for half deposit but you can decide for yourself what you think is fair for both you and the homeowner. Then explain that the balance is due on the first day of the house sit.

Here's a list of 3 reasons why you will stand out from the crowd:

1. Be prepared with simple forms and give the answers before they even ask the questions.

2. Ask for referral letters from everyone you house sit for. If you are new at this, have referrals from friends who love you, landlords who can vouch for you, and co-workers who will call you a team player. Be armed with letters and phone numbers of good reviews from others.

3. In this case, there was a sense of urgency, since I was getting calls for that same time period and I was upfront about it.

THE MERMAID'S GUIDE TO HOUSE SITTING which you can purchase on this site through Amazon, is chock full of the details that would help you to stand out and be different and be the best house sitter in your town or anywhere in the world. I have included forms and questionnaires as well. You can edit them as you wish.

I wish you all the best and have fun with it. Aloha

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aloha to a Family Pet

When I received the news that Bear Hunter Tucson died, I was in shock. Tucson was a grand ole dog. Not really old at all. He was 10 years old and died before his time.

He was a bear hunter in his younger days before the owners adopted him and brought him to Hawaii. He was a bit of a trash digger so the homeowner had locks on the cupboards just to keep Tucson out. He choked on a bone, they said. This house sitting family is really special to me. I have housesat for them many times in the past and since we still have another dog and a parrot, I suspect I will still be seeing them on a regular basis. It will just be different.

I take care of mostly older dogs so I have been through this before. The owners are always kind to call me since I've bonded with their pet.

I would like to give baskets of hugs to the owners of Tucson and to all of you who have ever lost a pet. It's heart wrenching. I have been through it myself.

I would also love to dedicate this post to all my babies who have gone before Tucson also. There is Studley, Koa, Kai, Mochi, and now Tucson.

Aloha and A Hui Ho (until we meet again)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Having a Blast..and Helping People in the Process

I don’t know how but I seem to attract the most genuine, loving and fun clients. Even when I had my fitness studio, my clients would ask me, “how do you find such nice people".  Well, it is the same thing now.

I would do anything for these kind souls and I’m pretty sure the feeling is mutual.

My first and foremost goal and always has been, is to help others reach their goals by offering my services, and in this case, as a trusted house sitter. Often times, I feel humbled by the level of trust from homeowners. Of course, it is a two-way street, and we take care of each other. The more trust there is between us, the more we are happy to help out where we can.

I have provided many services outside the realm of house sitting for my homeowners. They know I’m a good housekeeper so I have had many house cleaning gigs. Since there is a knowing of trust between us, I’ve been asked to work updating client files, from an attorney client. Having a knack for negotiations, I’ve had gigs taking photos and selling items on Craigslist which I really liked. There is also anything pet related, and always excited when I can see my guys, when I’m not actually house sitting.

Meeting interesting people and pets was on my bucket list, when I first decided to become a full-time house sitter and I have checked that off the list, a long time ago.

I love house sitting and having such great people to work with, makes this job, (if you want to call it that) perfect for me.

If you are interested in knowing more about this awesome world, just drop an email to, with any questions you may have or you can dive right on in, by picking up my book, The Mermaid’s Guide To House Sitting, at Amazon. Click on the book cover on this site, to a direct link. Mahalo and well wishes to all of you mermaids and mermen.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I will miss this House Sit.

I am truly going to miss this glorious sight every morning, as I sit in bed with my coffee..easing my way into the day!

It is usually a bit of a ritual for me to sit with coffee in the morning but this is like icing on the cake. Seeing this view just gets me pumped up for what's to come. I will go back to looking at walls in the morning..boring.

The homeowners will be arriving tomorrow, later in the day. My cleaning regime begins now, the day before. It was left in spotless condition and I will be as kind and do the same for them. They are wonderful and down to earth seems all my clients are easy like that. I do want to be asked back and I am so grateful. Not only will the home be left spic and span but my two dog and four cat companions, will get the once over as well.

This has been one of my better house sits. It came as a referral from another almost perfect house sit homeowner. I have been here for two weeks and have only left the house twice and that was for food. Everything that nurtures my soul is here. The house is located directly on a stretch of white sand beach with a secret beach cove, fronting the house. With an array of beach activities, such as beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling, and boulder hopping to two other private beaches, you see why I never have to leave. My pups are great beach companions and run the beach with me.

The homeowners have allowed house guests (most do) so I have invited a couple of friends to enjoy the gig with me.

The sun goes down with another mesmerizing sunset, while I relax on the sand, with a simple dinner and a LongBoard. The ocean waves will lull me into a deep slumber for one more night. I will miss this house sit.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

My House Sitting Guide is LIVE on Amazon

The Mermaid's Guide To House Sitting is LIVE on and available for purchase. Woooo hoooo!! Partay!!

Did I ever think this day would arrive?

I didn't really think about the end goal of getting my book on selling platforms. I continued to drop my ego, be patient, and always had the attitude of NEVER GIVE UP.

Why did I even think I could write this little guide?

One day, I just got it in my head that I was doing something that was so out - of - the - ordinary, with fun and freedom attached...and thought other people might want to know how to do it, as well. We all know what passion feels like, and that was my motivation to push on, not really knowing where it was leading.

Did I get help since I never thought of myself as a writer?

You bet I did! I had the idea of writing a How To ebook, on the back burner, for a couple of years. I got plenty of help along the way and wasn't afraid to ask for it. Starting with a great coach, Vic Johnson. He has many ebooks online. I used his expertise, as my foundation and referenced his books (one in particular) throughout the entire process. I hired an editor and graphics designer (a resource from Vic's book), and hired a gal (resourced from Smashwords), to convert my manuscript to an online format. Every one of this wonderful souls got me to my end goal..

So here I am..

If anyone wants to 'talk story', about any part of this post, just leave a comment or drop me an email


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

House Sitting is Fun

The whole idea behind house sitting, is the fact that it's cruise. Once the homeowner has thanked you, closed the door and left you in charge, the peace and nurturing begins. This is the easy part!

Securing the house sit, takes the most amount of effort and targeting. That involves marketing offline and online, networking, local advertising (free), interviewing and selling yourself. Once you make a contact with, a hopefully new client, you really have to bring your A game and your most genuine self.

House sitting is fun! That's one of the hireasons I love it so much. But you won't see me sitting in front of a computer for hours on end..not fun. I can do 2 hours tops...usually with a pre coffee to really power out for the two hours. Anything after that, my back hurts, my bum falls asleep, and I get annoyed.

I also have to make time for The Swim so can't be on the computer all day. That happens everyday and I love it! I'm lucky, in that my house sits, for the most part, are a skip and a jump, from the beach.

Blogging is another fun part of house sitting but I'm not a fanatic about it. I will take my time to let people get to know me. I know that everything worthwhile takes patience and time.