Thursday, January 30, 2014

My House Sitting Guide is LIVE on Amazon

The Mermaid's Guide To House Sitting is LIVE on and available for purchase. Woooo hoooo!! Partay!!

Did I ever think this day would arrive?

I didn't really think about the end goal of getting my book on selling platforms. I continued to drop my ego, be patient, and always had the attitude of NEVER GIVE UP.

Why did I even think I could write this little guide?

One day, I just got it in my head that I was doing something that was so out - of - the - ordinary, with fun and freedom attached...and thought other people might want to know how to do it, as well. We all know what passion feels like, and that was my motivation to push on, not really knowing where it was leading.

Did I get help since I never thought of myself as a writer?

You bet I did! I had the idea of writing a How To ebook, on the back burner, for a couple of years. I got plenty of help along the way and wasn't afraid to ask for it. Starting with a great coach, Vic Johnson. He has many ebooks online. I used his expertise, as my foundation and referenced his books (one in particular) throughout the entire process. I hired an editor and graphics designer (a resource from Vic's book), and hired a gal (resourced from Smashwords), to convert my manuscript to an online format. Every one of this wonderful souls got me to my end goal..

So here I am..

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