Thursday, October 23, 2014

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter Feel "At Home"

Not all the onus falls on the shoulders of the house sitter, as the homeowner needs to take responsibility for the safety, security, and comfort of their house sitter. A happy sitter means the house will be taken care of, the pets will be adored, and they will want to return for future gigs.

Six Ways for the Homeowner to Make a House Sitter feel "At Home"

1. Make sure the house is clean and ready for the sitter's stay.

2. Provide a comfortable sleeping accommodation.

3. Wi-Fi connection is great for those sitters who work online.

4. A list of markets, restaurants, parks, events, etc., in the area.

5. Permisson to use the kitchen and its gadgets at will (let them know
if there are boundaries, such as what food to eat in the fridge, freezer,
and pantry).

6. The simple words of "make yourself at home" makes all the
difference, as the house sitter will feel trusted and respected.

The sitter homeowner relationship is like any other relationship. A mutual trust needs to be in place. Beautiful and meaningful friendships are made on trust alone.

"Feel at Home" you said and that's not a priviledge I would misuse.