Thursday, October 30, 2014

Prior to the house sitters arrival..

Prior to my arrival for the actual house sitting gig, the homeowner and I will have established that I'll arrive at least 30-45 minutes before they leave. I'll text or call to confirm I'm on my way, as it eases the homeowner's mind that they won't be delayed in leaving for their trip.

I like to transition the pets from their owners to me, and to receive last minute details, the appropriate keys, and my fee (again, this has been established in the Client Agreement that I get all or a portion of the fee upfront). If I didn't give them a business card during the walk-through, I make sure they have one that contains my contact information and any emergency contacts.

If for some reason I'm not able to be there prior to their departure (i.e., I may be ending a house sit and coming directly into this one), I'm there as soon as possible. The homeowner and I have previously discussed the location of keys, any last minute details or changes and my fee is left on the kitchen counter.

This information is assuming this is a house sit in your neck of the woods. For international house sitting, the approximate arrival time is 2 days prior.