Sunday, December 22, 2013

I'm busy...doing whatever I like

Once my responsibilites are taken care of, I have the freedom to do... whatever suits my fancy.

One of the wonderful perks (freedom) of house sitting, is setting it up to be a glorious vacation. The homeowners encourage you to do so. You can pick and choose your house sits. Make sure you choose the ones you really, really want.

Since most of my house sits come with some adorable pets, I want to make sure they are well taken care of before I go gallavanting. That involves feeding the animals, cleaning a litter box, walking the dog, and just being around for the morning routine. If there's any watering to do, that is taken care of also.

Once your pets have been secured, the rest of the afternoon is yours to spend:

* jumping into the ocean (you may have a water dog who would like to play with you)

* taking a class

* seeing the sights

* riding a bike

* going to that restaurant you've been hearing about

* meeting up with a friend in the area

It's the "free spirit" in me that is being filled up.