Meet the Mermaid.

When Robin and her young family moved from the Mainland to Hawaii, she couldn’t have predicted how much her life would eventually change. Now post-divorce and with three grown children, she dove head-first into a new chapter in her life.

Because Robin lives on the beautiful Island of Kauai, this self-proclaimed “mermaid” (who swims in the ocean every day because of her new lifestyle) started looking for possibilities for a career that fit with her desire to be a free spirit. After a few opportunities to house sit for friends and family – and seeing that most things on her bucket list were attainable through the many kinds of freedom afforded by this profession – she realized that house and pet sitting could meet many of her financial requirements without the constraints of a typical nine-to-five job. Because this amazing world of caretaking, property management, and being a watch dog (or mermaid when she has her land legs) for her client’s homes and property has dramatically changed her life, she wanted to share her foray into her new profession (yes, it is a profession!!) with others who are transitioning from careers, homes, relationships, natural disasters, or just want a change in their environment.

“How often do people get paid to let the wind sail in their hair, live the life of a professional vagabond, and see the world (or at least more of your city)?” Robin asks. “House sitting allows me to live my life’s purpose. I’m doing what makes me happy by serving others, and to top it off they are paying me to be me. I am one very happy mermaid!” Aloha!