Thursday, July 31, 2014

Before I discovered House Sitting

Before I discovered house sitting, I began transforming a life that wasn't serving me. I set the intention asking for a complete change in my life beyond my wildest imagination. I wrote in my journal exactly what it was I wanted in my life then closed the journal. When I told a friend I just wanted to 'be', she said it sounded like I wanted to die. She didn't understand and that's okay. I didn't really understand it myself.

I began selling all my stuff and dividing cherished items between my three daughters. They wanted me to get a storage. Noooo! I just didn't want it anymore or have to pay money for it. Besides, it was nothing I couldn't replace later on. My kids were wondering and worried about mom. The word 'intervention' came up. I gave notice on my apartment, without a thought to where I was going next and the cool thing was I wasn't worried or afraid. I just kept going.

As I look back, I believe that once I sold my stuff that was holding me back and keeping me down, and trusted I would be okay, my world began to be supported. My neighbour asked if I wanted to stay in her home for the three weeks she traveled to the Phillipines. Seriously! Okay! We both thought it would it would give me a chance to consider my next move. So I moved my few boxes I had left next door to her house.

During the three weeks, something wonderful happened. I realized how much I enjoyed caring for her home, watering her plants and just knowing I was being trusted to watch over things while she was gone. She didn't have any pets. I thought to myself, "this must be what house sitting is all about." I began to google 'house sitting' and discovered a whole community of house sitters traveling around the world taking care of people's pets and home. I was free to create, relax, wonder, and dream about my life. I get this same feeling everytime I house sit now.

I began studying a new conscious way of living 2 years before this. I pulled out my journal (this photo is the actual journal entry) and was so tickled to realize I created and manifested everything up to that point. Everything on my bucket list were things I could accomplish through house sitting.
I studied profiles from some of the house sitting websites and designed a Craigslist ad promoting myself as an island house sitter. I would start small and branch out internationally once I got some experience. I was thinking 6 months and I would be ready.

As it has happened, it's been three years now and it's been flowing with back to back house sitting on Kauai. I am in love with it still. Now I'm ready to explore the world. That's my story but I have heard the same story many times over.

Oh, by the kids think it is awesome and cool and they are proud of me. I am sure there is a lesson for them in there.

At the end of the path, there is a dusty, old road to the left. Take it everytime!