Blogs You Should Read

I've put together a few blog pages and some great websites to help you in your mission to become the best house sitter.

You want to read as much on the subject as you can. Take the tidbits that speak to you. Whether you are looking to house sit in your own town, as a paid house sitter, or helping you to make the leap into international house really can't have too much information.

Good luck in your quest for more freedom and going way out of your comfort zone (or maybe that was just me.)

I'm in deep now.

House Sitting Websites who know their stuff and have been around for quite some time (seems to be the top runner) (my personal favorite)

These are the new kids on the block. They also have some exciting opportunities and well worth a look.

You will also find folks, like me, with blogs or websites offering information on paid house sitting, international house sitting and once-in-a-while traveling house sitting experiences.

If you are new to the idea of house sitting, you will want to join a FB group called House Sitting World . A lovely and caring group of people 3000 strong at last count. You will learn from the best and it is a wealth of information and welcoming community. No question is stupid :)

One last thing..I just completed a 'Best House Sitting Practices' training program. Check it out! Both the FB group and the academy are hosted by Nat and Jodi. Dive in!