Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Aloha to a Family Pet

When I received the news that Bear Hunter Tucson died, I was in shock. Tucson was a grand ole dog. Not really old at all. He was 10 years old and died before his time.

He was a bear hunter in his younger days before the owners adopted him and brought him to Hawaii. He was a bit of a trash digger so the homeowner had locks on the cupboards just to keep Tucson out. He choked on a bone, they said. This house sitting family is really special to me. I have housesat for them many times in the past and since we still have another dog and a parrot, I suspect I will still be seeing them on a regular basis. It will just be different.

I take care of mostly older dogs so I have been through this before. The owners are always kind to call me since I've bonded with their pet.

I would like to give baskets of hugs to the owners of Tucson and to all of you who have ever lost a pet. It's heart wrenching. I have been through it myself.

I would also love to dedicate this post to all my babies who have gone before Tucson also. There is Studley, Koa, Kai, Mochi, and now Tucson.

Aloha and A Hui Ho (until we meet again)