Sunday, June 15, 2014

Room with a View

I'm now calling my housesits, Playcations! Because really it's like going to a retreat or to a spa. It could be for a short stint, two weeks or a month long sit. I just know I always look forward to my time away even if it is in my own neck of the woods. You wouldn't believe some of the pads I am basking in.

I feel so lucky and grateful for this time in my life. It is not all play with me. When I'm house sitting, it is my job and I take it very seriously. I have responsibilities, such as pet care, watering gardens (just discovered the delicious gardenias), caretaking the house and landscaping, and acting as watch dog. Sometimes it's less work if it is a large property. Pool guys, yard guys, pond guys, are all on schedule during my stay. Mainly it's the pets safety homeowners are most concerned with.

So back to the glorious playcation I'm tending now. This photo is the view from my room. When you wake up to this, it literally sets the intent for the day. I love love working out and it is something I do almost everyday. There is a full on gym here. I also swim everyday in the ocean. There is a salt water pool. I meditate and play in nature everyday. I have two acres of pure nature, lots of big trees, with ocean and mountain views. Two big labs (my play pals), a lovey kitty, and 4 laying hens are keeping me company. When I say a retreat, I just have no reason to leave. Maybe for food like I did today. So I will love on the animals and enjoy my time(homeowner's words), do my best work and expect nothing less of my next playcation. Aloha and Expect the Best from your life. Thank you!