Monday, February 3, 2014

I will miss this House Sit.

I am truly going to miss this glorious sight every morning, as I sit in bed with my coffee..easing my way into the day!

It is usually a bit of a ritual for me to sit with coffee in the morning but this is like icing on the cake. Seeing this view just gets me pumped up for what's to come. I will go back to looking at walls in the morning..boring.

The homeowners will be arriving tomorrow, later in the day. My cleaning regime begins now, the day before. It was left in spotless condition and I will be as kind and do the same for them. They are wonderful and down to earth seems all my clients are easy like that. I do want to be asked back and I am so grateful. Not only will the home be left spic and span but my two dog and four cat companions, will get the once over as well.

This has been one of my better house sits. It came as a referral from another almost perfect house sit homeowner. I have been here for two weeks and have only left the house twice and that was for food. Everything that nurtures my soul is here. The house is located directly on a stretch of white sand beach with a secret beach cove, fronting the house. With an array of beach activities, such as beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling, and boulder hopping to two other private beaches, you see why I never have to leave. My pups are great beach companions and run the beach with me.

The homeowners have allowed house guests (most do) so I have invited a couple of friends to enjoy the gig with me.

The sun goes down with another mesmerizing sunset, while I relax on the sand, with a simple dinner and a LongBoard. The ocean waves will lull me into a deep slumber for one more night. I will miss this house sit.